Food for Sex?

Food for Sex?


Food for Sex?


Sexual Attraction and Mating are one of the primal laws of Nature. Decreased sexual urge, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, etc. are some of the issues faced during sex.

Here are some foods that are readily available which according to various studies help improve libido and increase sexual urge.



Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate helps stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine, which in turn calms nerves and helps alleviate Stress.



Green Tea

Green Tea contains various antioxidants and a compound called catechins which increases blood flow and improves sexual libido in people. t up  ‘desire’ or ‘ urge ‘in  a person.




Oysters are a source of zinc, which help in the production of testosterone in males. Studies have shown that Oysters help in enhancing muscle growth, improved physical strength and reduce chances of infertility.




Increased sodium content in the body reduces and obstructs the flow of blood to the penis. The potassium present in Bananas help counteract this increase in sodium and thereby increases blood flow to the genitals, increasing libido.




Eggs are known to be rich in protein and low in calorie content. It is also a rich source of amino acids which help alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.




Strawberries have shown to increase sperm production in males due to them being rich in Vit B12.

Simple rules such following a healthy lifestyle with planned diet changes and recommended amounts of exercise can help keep the body fit and active which would play a major role in helping with an active sex life.



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