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Aging is the most predictable and irreversible biological process. With Aging, your systems tend to become sluggish, cell- regeneration stops or slow down, many such changes make them prone to many diseases. But, with the right nutrition one can Age like a fine line. Here are few eating tips for the Elderly-

  • Right nutrition for the Elderly -Look for important nutrients. Eat a nutrient dense diet to avoid any nutrition deficiency.


  • Eat the recommended servings & eat small meals- Your digestive system may not tolerate a big meal, thus reduce the quantity and increase the frequency. Consider fiber-rich food.


  • Make healthy choices- Packaged food, sugar loaded food, bakery items etc are not healthy for you. Instead, make healthy choices like seasonal fruits, homemade milk-shake etc.


  • Go on a regular exercise routine- boosting up your metabolism is important thus exercise regularly.


  • Choose foods that are easy to chew and swallow


  • Eat light and digestion-friendly food


  • Hydrate yourself & maintain the liquid levels.


  • Choose age-specific supplementation – Ask your dietician for fortified food options & supplementation.


  • Minimize the use of table salt and sugar.


  • Choose healthy fats like nuts, figs, olive oil etc.


  • As the immunity goes down with age, take care of hygiene to avoid unwanted infections.

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