Home remedies for Skin rashes

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Skin rashes are one of the most common troubles that we suffer from.

Causes of Skin rashes may be numerous like irritation from cosmetic & related products, allergy, insect bite, rough handling etc.

So How to manage Skin Rashes?

Here are a few home remedies for Skin Rashes-

  • Oil: Olive oil is a natural skin soother. After washing the rash area, apply the oil directly and massage gently.
  • Aloe-Vera: It is enriched with Vitamin E. You can use the Aloe Vera plant gel directly on the skin. It will act as a tonic & reduce the rash and burning.
  • Cold Compress: It works well for insect bite & burn-induced rashes. Rub ice cubes directly to the affected area and the burning will reduce magically.
  • Calendula: It is a well known natural skin soother. It’s easily available as calendula creams. It works well on burns, heat-induced rashes, ulcers, irritations etc.
  • Coriander- Coriander has natural antiseptic, anti-irritant & anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a paste of coriander leaves to the affected areas & drink coriander tea for additional benefits.
  • Neem – Neem has analgesic, anti-irritant, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal & anti-inflammatory properties and is used extensively in skin conditions. Wash the area with Neem water and apply a paste of Neem leaves on the skin for relief.

Do not forget that any skin rash with fever, loss of consciousness or severe burning needs immediate medical attention, so better to consult a doctor in such cases.



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