How is Anxiety Hurting Your Sexual Life

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If you are a victim of Anxiety then you must know that Anxiety is not just a silent killer of your health but is a villain for your sex life as well.

So, what is the relation between Sex and Anxiety, or how anxiety affects Sex life?

A long-term Anxiety maintains a constant pressure on our brain and releases stress hormones that affect our health in a negative way. Few negative effects of Anxiety are-

  • Trouble in Arousal- People under long-term Anxiety finds it hard to get aroused. It ultimately affects their performance in the bed.
  • Lowers your Libido- As per research studies, Anxiety can lower the libido and decrease the sex drive. The person starts to lose the interest in Sex.
  • Decrease your confidence- Anxiety is a villain for your confidence, studies suggest that people under Anxiety are low on the confidence and are afraid of the sexual acts.
  • Effects on orgasm – Anxiety affects the quality of Sex by delaying the orgasm or making it difficult.
  • Overall Performance- Anxiety not only holds your pleasure but makes the pleasure difficult to get. It may decrease the lubrication, may cause vaginismus (contraction in vaginal muscles) in females and difficult penetration.
  • Erectile Dysfunction- A constant anxiety can cause erectile dysfunctions in Males. Even penetration is difficult which adds on the performance anxiety.

In the nutshell, Anxiety affects your sexual life, deprives you of sexual pleasure and ultimately creates a log in your life.


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