How to cope with cancer



The word “Cancer” raises an unexplained fear and anxiety! Cancer is considered to be a dreadful disease which takes away lives even before realizing what is going on with our body! Though the medical field has come out with treatment for most of the cancers, and good number of people are leading a life fighting against cancer, still cancer has remained as the “Disease of death”

Getting diagnosed with cancer and learning on how to cope is  tough .Though there could be many around you, the person feels he is alone and there is no life! Hope that we are blessed with good health free of diseases, but if something goes wrong and are diagnosed with Cancer, then here  is how to cope.

  • Accept the diagnosis; medical field is not a magical field! Once diagnosed, you can’t reverse the condition!
  • Learn more about your cancer and its treatment – It helps in understanding about what is happening with your body
  • Share your feelings – Be anger, anxiety, sadness or grief feel free to express your emotions and share your feelings with someone you love and care
  • Take time for yourself – Keep time dedicated to do something which you like, it could be cooking your favorite dish or listening to your favorite music or shopping hard
  • Exercise – It helps in you being fit and active. Talk to your doctor and start with minimal exercise and considerable duration first!
  • Focus on things which are under your control – Growth and spread of cancer cannot be controlled by you, so don’t think on it! Taking care of your body is in your hand, so work hard on it
  • Get help and don’t hesitate – Sort help from your health care professional or from your counselor, never hesitate to clear your queries about your disease
  • Communicate as much as you can – Communication opens doors for talking your heart open
  • Expect and be prepared to accept physical changes in your body
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Never give up any of your activities, stick to your routine and daily lifestyle
  • Talk to people who are diagnosed with cancer and leading a normal life and not people depressed due to cancer
  • Depend on spiritual support
  • Practice relaxation techniques and involve yourselves in yoga or meditation
  • Quit your habits
  • Eat a well balanced healthy meal
  • Reach out to cancer centers and help other people who are similar sufferers

Cancer is just like any other disease! Don’t panic or don’t feel anxious, it can be treated and can be cured. Have patience and learn how to help yourself once diagnosed!


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