How to do Hair Spa at Home?


Do you know the benefits of Hair spa?


  • It involves deep conditioning of scalp, which is good for hair
  • The massaging improves the blood circulation
  • It helps to reduce hair fall, prevent dandruff and reduce split ends by nourishing our scalp

Would you believe if we tell you that you can do a Hair spa at your home?

How to do a hair spa at home?

The process of Hair spa at home step by step is:-

  • Cleansing- Wash your hair & scalp thoroughly with a good shampoo. Towel dry your hair
  • Deep conditioning- It involves a deep massage with a protein-rich cream. You can choose a hair spa cream which is easily available in the market. Take an ample quantity of spa cream and apply first on the scalp, then to the length of hair strands. You can also replace egg white with lemon in place of spa cream
  • Massaging- Massage and give gentle strokes to your scalp area for about 30 minutes, work more where you feel good like you can massage more in the temple areas or the top
  • Leave the cream for about 20 minutes
  • If possible use a hair steamer to steam the scalp or else you can also use hot towel wrap for 10 minutes
  • Wash- After a few minutes, wash your hair with a little bit of a mild shampoo. You can also wash with plain water
  • After hair wash use a hair masque or a simple hair serum for styling

You can take this Hair spa once every 15 days for shiny hair.

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