How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Naturally?





One simple rule to wear sleeveless dresses is to keep your underarms clean and tidy.

Many of us do not wear any sleeves dresses because of dark underarms. If you are also one of them & wants to get rid of dark underarms then this information is just for you.

Let us first understand the common causes of dark underarms-

  • Dead skin accumulation due to lack of exfoliation.
  • As a side effect of using cosmetic products like anti-per spirants, perfumes, harsh products etc.
  • improper shaving
  • Associated sign of some disease like diabetes
  • Hyper-pigmentation etc.


Here are few natural ways to get rid of dark underarms and lighten the underarm areas-


  • Potato juice- rubbing peeled potato slices on your underarms regularly will lighten the underarm


  • Lemon- It is natural bleach. Take a slice of lemon or apply lemon juice on dark underarms.


  • Turmeric- Using turmeric as a paste made with milk will also give you the desired result in just a few days.


  • Orange peel- Make a paste of orange peel powder and lemon juice. Apply this paste on underarms, let it dry and wash.


  • Cucumber-Cut few slices and put them on the darkened area.


  • Baking soda- It acts as a natural exfoliate. Apply baking soda mixed in water on the dark underarm and wash.


  • Apple cedar vinegar- The amino acid content will help to reduce the blackness of underarms.


  • Coconut oil- Massage with a few drops of coconut oil regularly to the target area.


Apart from these remedies, just stay away from harsh chemicals. Don’t let the dark underarms embarrass you.


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