Is Acupressure Treatment Safe?

Is Acupressure Treatment Safe

Acupressure is an alternative medicine therapy which is used to relieve the symptoms associated with many diseases. It works by putting pressure on specific points on the body in order to release the extra energy “Qi (As per the acupressure philosophy)”.

Acupressure is a safer practice if done according to its principles. To know more let us know a few interesting facts about Acupressure:

  • It is an Asian bodywork therapy with its roots to the ancient Chinese medicine It is reported to reduce pain in many diseases
  • It is often used as an alternative pain relieving therapy in devastating diseases like cancer
  • The Acupressure treatment is considered safe if undertaken as per the prescription of a qualified therapist
    It is safe as before initiating the actual treatment your therapist will consider every aspect of your health.
  • The therapist will decide the pressure points along with the intensity of pressure that will help you
    Though safe, still a session of Acupressure may cause soreness or a little pricking sensation in some people. You should talk to your Doctor.
  • If you have any health issues like hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, hormone troubles, etc then you must talk in detail to your doctor as side effects may be there if these health conditioned are overlooked

In nutshell, Acupressure is a safer and effective treatment system if one if following the principles of this science with a qualified Doctor.

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