Is Dieting Good for your health?

It is common to hear people saying that they are Dieting. What is Dieting? Is Dieting healthy?

Here are a few facts about Dieting:

  • Dieting means following a certain kind of foods or avoiding them
  • It is normally done to achieve weight loss rapidly, along with exercise regimen
  • Dieting does not mean to starve yourself at all
  • If followed properly a good physical routine along with diet can give you the most rapid and desired weight loss results
  • But if not, Dieting may cause even more harm than doing good. It may cause a deficiency of nutrients harming your health

The question is Is Dieting beneficial

The answer is “Yes” but only if you understand the proper meaning of Dieting and know the principles of it.
How to diet?

Dieting is good if:

  1. You are choosing healthy foods over the unhealthy one, for example opting for fruits than packaged juices, homemade healthy snacks over French fries & other fast foods, etc
  2. You are not starving your body
  3. You are not cutting down the nutrition
  4. You are not dehydrating yourself
  5. Proteins are a larger portion of your plate

You eat a healthy breakfast every day In a nutshell, Dieting might be beneficial or harmful; it depends upon the choices you make.

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