Know about Scabies Infection


Is Scabies contagious?

Scabies is contagious. People might get infected via skin to skin contact or even from the infected items like bedding, clothes, furniture etc. Kids may catch the infection from schools & play areas.


Scabies Symptoms

Intense itch is the first and the most common symptom of Scabies Infection. The itching may be located to the specific area like wrist, inside the fingers, elbows genitals etc or even be generalized. You might also notice small but visible burrows on your skin. They are caused by the mites digging your skin.

If you have suffered from Scabies earlier then you may feel the symptoms after just a few days of being exposed to the infection.


Treatment of Scabies

The aim is to get rid of the mites and healing the skin. Lotions, creams & ointments are prescribed. The regimen includes antihistamines to control the itching, antibiotics to prevent associated secondary infection & steroid creams to reduce swelling. It is also advised to take care of personal hygiene to prevent the spread of scabies.


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