Lack Of Exercises Is Twice As Deadly As Obesity

Lack Of Exercises Is Twice As Deadly As Obesity



Inactivity is the room just not for thoughts that stress you out, but it is also the warehouse for ill health!! The first advice that anyone would get as they approach a Physician is active!! Have you ever given a thought to understand the emphasis on being active?! If you have not or if you have not started to be active, then you must read this!!

A study was conducted involving about 340000 men and women of varied age groups, medical conditions, BMI, Profession and so on! The study concluded that compared to the number of deaths due to obesity, twice the number was linked to lack of physical activity!! In order to understand the correlation between early deaths and lack of physical activity, the study was extended! It was found that physical activities even for about 20 minutes had the ability to burn 90 to 110 calories per day. Physical activity did not necessitate regular workout in a gym, even a brisk walk for about 20 minutes every day, served the purpose!!

Inactivity, in turn, makes a person obese, which later progresses to various heart-related issues. Involving yourself in walking or any other exercises, will take an upper hand and seize the complication expected!!

Thus the study published its report stating – lack of exercises is twice as deadly as obesity!! Make your way out from being lazy and inactive. Be active today!!



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