Let’s talk Depression

Have you faced any of the below?
1. Always feel sad or in a low mood? Do you weep often?
2. Loss of interest or pleasure with activities that you normally enjoy?
3. Change in sleep pattern – difficulty in going to sleep, waking up early or sleeping too much?
4. Change in appetite – either poor appetite, loss of weight or weight gain?
5. Feeling tired through the day or loss of energy
6. Feeling agitated or slow movements
7. Poor concentration or being indecisive, feeling worthless, excessive guilt
8. Recurrent thoughts of death, suicide, life’s not worth it etc.


Did you know?
• The burden of depression is 50% higher in females than males
• Indians are reported to be the most depressed as per WHO
• Average age of onset is around 32 years
• The prevalence of Major Depressive Episodes in India is around 36%
• Higher rates of depression are seen in rural compared to the urban population
• Up to 20% of patients visiting the primary care clinics with symptoms of anxiety and depression may not be recognized
• Long working hours under strict deadlines cause up to 75% of working women to suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder compared to women with lesser workload.


If you or any of your family member or friend is going through any of the above issues – feel free to write to us @ medical@activdoctors.in or talk to our doctors by calling 91-80-39513141 from 10AM to 6PM

Click to know more > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQBNYRBpY7c

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