Maintaining Accurate Data Records for Health Applications

Medical Records


Maintaining Accurate Data Records for Health Applications


Data integrity is one of the most important aspects of maintaining proper medical records. Every physician must understand why the medical data they record must always be complete and accurate.


The Uses of maintaining proper medical records

  • The overall quality of care for patients can be assessed.
  • Providing useful information that can help in medical malpractice suits


Why Documentation is so important?

Physician must always document as much as they can during the entire period they offer consultation, treatment and any form of care to their patients.

Failure to document enough medical data may  lead to incomplete records that can’t provide reliable information for any purpose, whether serving the interest of the physicians or patients.



How to Protect Data?

The login details for the medical data records must only be available to authorized persons to avoid any possible instances of data alterations.

Unnecessary copying and pasting of data is not a good practice for maintaining accurate  data records in medical systems. Electronic data records for medical applications should always be consistent with any paper-based records maintained or issued to other parties including patients

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