Marital Bliss Short Lived For Spouses With Younger Partner

Marital Bliss Short Lived For Spouses With Younger Partner


“Marriages are made in heaven” – all of us have heard this famous adage!!! Marriage is the bond which gets 2 different souls together for the rest of their lives!! Marriage is just not matter of 2 persons exchanging rings, it is the bond wherein they both be together physically and mentally!!

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, but the present day couples find ways to break this commitment!! The common reasons or ways being financial matters, work stress, fertility matters, and so on. The commonest reason these days being large age gap!!! Wondering!!! It’s true!!!

Research and various studies were conducted to understand the relationship status between young couple and an aged and young couple!! The results were shocking and is summarised as follows –

Younger versus Older Spouses – Men or women with younger spouses reported greater marital satisfaction whereas men or women with older spouses reported greater marital satisfaction in the initial few years which faded away in 6 to 10 years of time!! Research also suggested that the rate of divorces were higher in couple with older partner and was least in case of couple of similar age!!

Causes for short term marital satisfaction – There are numerous factors of which a few are listed here – increased rate of misunderstanding, early job loss, financial issues, lack of communication between partners due to ego, one sided or not taking decisions on mutual discussion, and so on!!!

If you are a parent thinking to get your kid married or if you are one of the young men planning to get married, consider age in order to enjoy a long lived marital bliss!!!

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