More Gray Hair Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

More Gray Hair Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Disease


Ageing is an unavoidable process in all living things. There is no living thing, which can overcome or bypass this process! The signs of ageing differ in each living things, the first sign of ageing seen in humans is the appearance of grey hair!! However, at recent times premature greying is high!!

A new observational study has linked the grey hair to increased risk of heart disease!! It sounds astonishing but still true!! Here are the complete details of the study and the reason behind the link!!

Ageing is one of the non-modifiable risk factors for heart disease. The risk of heart diseases proportionally increases with increase in age!! The cause of heart disease is atherosclerosis – the condition in which plaque, which is made of cholesterol, fat, calcium and other substances build up inside the blood vessels.

Furthermore, atherosclerosis and grey hair have similar causes – DNA gets damaged, increased oxidative stress and ageing of cells. A group of 545 men suspected of having heart disease were studied and was subclassified based on the amount of grey hair they had and presence of heart disease. The study found that men with heart disease had increased amount of grey hair!!

Thus the study concluded that men with grey hair were at an increased risk of heart disease, or can be considered a warning sign!!

Don’t neglect the presence of grey hair, if you have an increased amount of grey hair, then be sure to get your heart evaluated at regular intervals!!

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