Natural Cannabinoid Found To Play a Key Role In Anxiety

Natural Cannabinoid Found To Play a Key Role In Anxiety


The main and common impact of stress on our lives is mood and anxiety disorders. These disorders can be related regulated if we are aware of the pathophysiology and what causes it!!

Here is an overview of Anxiety and factors that can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. A team of researchers conducted a study and the glimpse of the studies is hereunder –

Endocannabinoids belong to the group of Endogenous Cannabinoid system, which consists of Endocannabinoids and its receptors. This system regulates the important and crucial aspects of our life including nervous system!!

Endocannabinoids activate CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 is found in brain areas and thus known to have a control on our emotions, behaviour, learning, memory and decision making!! CB1Receptors are meant for their role in anxiety. Additionally, Endocannabinoids2Arachidonoylglycerol (2AG) has a critical role in managing our behaviour. Increased supply of 2AG makes an individual less prone to stress and decreased 2AG levels makes the individual more prone to stress!!

Thus it was concluded that boosting Endocannabinoids system helps in treating anxiety and other stress-related disorder. However, the only side effect being addiction!!!

Thus cannabinoids have found their vital role in treating anxiety!!!

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