New Clinical Guideline Issued For Treating Low Back Pain

New Clinical Guideline Issued For Treating Low Back Pain


Low back pain is one of the common musculoskeletal disorder seen in people of all age groups, varying from a young individual to an old person! The increased incidence of low back pain is related to our lifestyle, work habits and so on! On an average, every 7 out of 10 people are known to suffer from low back pain!

Overall work absenteeism is related to low back pain, this signifies the amount of problem it has posted on our health! Every alternate visit to doctor’s cabin is either related to low back pain or low back pain would be a part of the other medical condition presented with!

Such increased public health problem was studied to know if any changes can be intervened in the line of treatment! The study was beneficial and derived certain changes in the treatment guidelines. The new clinical guidelines issued for treatment of low back pain are as follows –

  • Non-pharmacological treatment in the form of superficial heat application should be considered for acute and sub-acute pain, the pain gradually increases over time
  • If pharmacological treatment to be considered then NSAIDs or Muscle Relaxants are to be considered
  • Acupuncture or Spinal Manipulation is the other alternatives
  • Other treatment option to consider as the first line of management are – Yoga, Tai chi, Motor control exercise, low-level laser therapy, operant therapy, CBT
  • Patients who show no response to non-pharmacological therapy requires medical line of management using Tramadol, Duloxetine when the first line drugs have failed
  • Costly therapies and drugs which would not offer a relief like Tri-Cyclic Antidepressants are to be completely avoided
  • Opioids should be the last resort of management

Thus with the new advances, management of low back pain has become even better and systematic!!




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