On this No Tobacco Day Let Us Take Pledge to say No to Tobacco & Tobacco Products

World No Tobacco Day

It has become a symbol of fashion or status to Smoke. The more expensive cigarette you Smoke the cooler you are considered.

You must have already been aware of the fact that Tobacco is injurious to health or “Smoking kills”, but do you know how Tobacco impacts our health?

Tobacco is referred to all forms of tobacco including cigarette, beedi, khaini, jarda, pan masala,

The primary content of Tobacco is Nicotine; it also has many chemicals constituents that affect our body. Here is a quick review of the harmful effects of Tobacco in any form including Smoking:-


  • Nicotine reaches your brain quickly and it makes you feel good when you are smoking. But after smoking it makes you anxious, moody, irritable, nervous & depressed.
  • It may cause headache & dizziness


  • Tobacco stains your teeth dirty yellow
  • It causes a foul breath
  • It may cause bleeding gums
  • Long term uses of Tobacco & smoking are strongly linked with mouth cancer


  • The carbon and other particles damage your lungs causing breathing difficulties
  • Tobacco smoking may worsen your Asthma
  • It can cause lung cancer which is highly fatal
  • Smoking causes increased coughing with phlegm


  • Smoking increases your heart rate and also puts you on a greater risk of heart diseases
  • Smoking makes your heart weaker causing difficulties in later life


  • Tobacco consumers have black lips. Tobacco harms your skin and makes it look ugly
  • You are more likely to have wrinkles & blemishes if you smoke

Reproductive health

  • Tobacco may cause low sperm count in males and hormonal troubles in females
  • It may also cause erectile dysfunction in males

Thus, it is clear that smoking harms your health. Then why don’t you quit smoking?
It is indeed difficult to curb the craving to smoke and that is why many smokers find it difficult to quit smoking. How to quit smoking?

It is totally possible to get rid of Tobacco consumption; these following tips will help you-

  1. Will Power – The most important is to find the will to quit smoking
  2. No means no – Once you decide to quit tobacco then stick to it and under any circumstances do not deviate
  3. Avoid people who consume Tobacco or smoke
  4. Find ways to curb your craving – like teas, coffees, electronic cigarette, etc
  5. Counseling – You can take help of counseling therapy or even can search a de-addiction centre for yourself
  6. Meet your Doctor and ask about NRT Nicotine Replacement Therapy. He may prescribe you some medicines to relieve anxiety. You can also opt for gums, sprays, patches, tablets, lozenges, and inhalers as NRT

Do not forget that only you are responsible for your health. Get motivated and quit smoking from today only and pace away from diseases. Say No to Tobacco.

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