People Who Sleep Longer Twice As Likely To Develop Dementia

People Who Sleep Longer Twice As Likely To Develop Dementia


Sleep is one of the common thing loved by people of all age groups. Every one of us would never wake up in the morning with the first alarm, do we? We at least snooze the alarm for two or three times before we make our way out of our bed!!

The common complaint by all of us is that we had no proper sleep or we had less sleep!! But do you know sleeping excess that is beyond 9 hours makes you prone to dementia!! Dementia eventually leading to Alzheimer’s disease!!

To know the effect of sleep on our brain, a study was recently conducted involving 5209 individuals. Of this total number, a few had 9 hours of sleep on regular basis and a few have fewer hours of sleep and the remaining had even lesser hours of sleep!! After the specified period of time, the individuals were made to undergo certain tests and was found that people who sleep more than 9 hours were two times at higher risk of developing dementia in 10 years’ time when compared to those people who slept less!!!

The studies are still in progress to understand the correlation between the risk and the sleep!!

The end result of this study is that excess sleep results in higher risk of dementia

The cause and the pathophysiology behind is still in the process!!!

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