Prenatal Acetaminophen May Affect Masculinity

Prenatal Acetaminophen May Affect Masculinity


Even the healthiest of the person can fall sick at times. Falling sick doesn’t always mean that the person has low immunity!!! One form of the alternative medicines states that falling sick fortnightly is good as it helps in letting out of the toxins or heat from the body!!

Most of us would not consult doctor every time we fall sick!! At times we take certain pills which were prescribed for us earlier by the doctor and at times we rely on pharmacist and last but not the least we self-medicate!! Self-medication is the resort for simple illnesses like fever, cold, headache and the most common tablet is either PARACETAMOL or ACETAMINOPHEN!!

Is the rule of self-medication safe for pregnancy?? Most of the pregnant woman would never self-medicate and rely on the Gynecologist for any minor illnesses. Pregnant woman consider taking Paracetamol or Acetaminophen during pregnancy as safe!! But would be mothers out there, be aware Acetaminophen can affect the masculinity if you are carrying a male child in your womb!!!

Various studies and researches have been conducted and have concluded that Acetaminophen can affect masculinity, here is the gist of the study –

Acetaminophen when consumed by pregnant woman, supresses the development of testosterone in male foetuses. This in turn results in changes in the development of reproductive system in the foetuses. Testosterone is a male sex hormone. It predicts the male features, its absence or reduced levels thus impacts the masculinity!!

Thus pregnant women, be aware and careful before you pop in any pill!! All pills have some or the other side effects, safety is decided by your doctor!! Follow your doctor’s instructions and have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!!!

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