Prickly Heat in Kids and its Treatment


Prickly heat or heat rash is a common skin trouble that affects kids primarily.

What is prickly heat?

When the skin sweats and it clogs the pores, these blocked pores trap perspiration under your skin. It causes itching and a stingy sensation. Sometimes the itch is so severe that kids even cry.

Causes & Triggers

It occurs mostly during hot & humid weather, or when sweat is not cleaned.


Though prickly heat treats on its own, sometimes medical intervention is required. The following treatment & prevention options can be considered-

  • Keep your kid in cool areas. Make use of AC, cooler, stay indoors only and avoid playing in humidity
  • Keep the affected area dry
  • Avoid using creams & lotions that make the skin moist
  • Clean, wash & wipe the sweat again and again to avoid clogging of pores
  • Do not let them scratch the affected area, rather offer a gentle rubbing
  • You can apply prickly heat powder or candid powder to keep the area dry
  • You can use calamine lotion to avoid itching
  • If the rashes are bleeding or itch intensely, do not hesitate to consult a doctor
  • Make them wear loose cotton cloths only, avoid synthetic stuff
  • Motivate to drink more water

Prickly heat or Heat rash is a common yet troublesome condition for a mother. But with proper care, you can prevent them or comfort your kids.

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