Ready to Get Back in Shape?



Ready to Get Back in Shape?


Another season of festivities has just passed by and most people find it hard to

resist the sweets and delicacies that festivals bring with them.

Festivals and bingeing on sweets and other foods often throw our fitness routine

off track causing most people to worry about their weight and struggle to get

back to healthy eating.


Crash diets and crazy workout routines are unnecessary and the following

simple tips will help you get back in shape, right away!


1. Keep a Diet Diary – one simple strategy that can help double weight loss

is to note down everything you eat and drink. Apps such as MyFitnessPal

and Calorie Counter, not only help track what you eat but also give you

calorie counts. This can help you recognize high calorie foods. Studies

have shown that dieters who maintain a diet diary lose twice as much

weight as those who do not.


2. Check your Weight Regularly – regular monitoring of body weight is an essential

strategy to lose weight. People who weighed themselves regularly lost considerable weight

over a short period of time than those who did not.


3. Eat at Home – people who eat at fast food centers or restaurants consume extra

calories per day than compared to eating at home. Eating out adds extra salt and saturated

fat further adding to the risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. Healthy balanced

homemade food also saves money and helps reduce weight.


4. Limit Portions – when we are given larger portions of food, we add more calories,

thereby increasing body fat. Smaller plates and bowls can help limit intake. When

dining out, it is advisable to eat half of what is served and increase fiber intake by

adding more fruits and vegetables.


5. Turn Off the Television – spending more time watching TV or staring at

computer screens lessens the time spent for other things including physical activity. It

is therefore advised to limit TV watching to as minimum as possible and engage in

physical activity.

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