Simple Exercises for Pregnant Women

Simple Exercises for Pregnant Women

___Simple Exercises for Pregnant Women___
1. Studies show that pregnant women, who participate in regular exercise are less likely to develop gestational diabetes, have unplanned cesarean sections and reduce the risk of complications related to pregnancy
2. Regular exercise helps women to get through daily chores and better cope with the stresses of pregnancy
3. Exercise helps pregnant women to get better sleep by using up excess energy and leave them with a more restful sleep
4. Regular exercise stretches and strengthens the muscles, which helps pregnant women to cope better with the aches and pains related to pregnancy
5. Exercise helps speed up post-delivery recovery
Pregnancy is a period of anatomical and emotional changes. Most pregnant women want to keep their feet up and relax for nine months. However, during pregnancy along with your mental strength, it is important for you to stay physically healthy too.
Thus, simple exercises during pregnancy are highly recommended. It helps you to strengthen your body and prepare you for labour. Exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improve heart health and help you stay fit throughout your pregnancy. Also, exercises during pregnancy have proven to lighten up the mood and improve sleep.


___Safe exercises during pregnancy___
Here is a list of few exercises that are considered to be safe during pregnancy. However, you are always advised to consult your doctor before you start working out.
• Swimming – It is considered as the most productive exercise for the maintenance of health and wellness in pregnant women. Swimming helps women feel light despite their weight gain and allows moderate intensity cardiovascular workout without putting pressure or stress on the joints.
Other benefits of swimming during pregnancy includes:
o Less fatigue
o Unlike other exercises, it keeps you cool
o Increases maternal aerobic capacity
o Relieves morning sickness
Swimming is also found to provide a sense of overall well-being to expecting mothers.


• Walking – It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. It is a safe activity to continue throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Walking during pregnancy benefits you in the following ways:
o Keeps your muscles toned and heart strong
o May aid to have a shorter and easier labour
o Burns calories and prevent excess weight gain, which is important to avoid gestational diabetes and preeclampsia
o Eases constipation
However, do not walk in extremely hot weather, as overheating isn’t good for the health of you and your baby.


• Low-impact aerobics – During pregnancy, it is good to join aerobics classes of certified instructors. Low-impact aerobics. As it doesn’t include kicks, jumps or leaps, doing regular low-impact aerobics helps you in the following ways:
o Strengthen your heart and lungs
o Ease pregnancy aches and pains
o Tone your muscles
o Helps you to get better sleep


• Prenatal yoga – In order to keep your joints limber and maintain flexibility, prenatal yoga can be beneficial. If paired with other cardiovascular exercises like walking, yoga is helpful in maintaining a healthy shape throughout pregnancy.
Other benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy are:
o Improves your balance
o Improves your blood circulation
o Help to learn deep breathing, which will be useful during labour
o Improves sleep
o Help to reduce stress and anxiety


Apart from the points mentioned above, studies show that yoga also helps decrease lower back pain, nausea, etc.

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