Study Sheds Light On Link Between PCOS And Mental Health

Study Sheds Light On Link Between Pcos And Mental Health



One of the common diseases affecting women of all age groups starting even as early as 11 years of age is PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome!! PCOS is a condition in which numerous cysts varying in size is seen in either one of the ovary or both the ovaries!!

The characteristic feature of PCOS is that it results in Irregular periods and increased blood testosterone levels. Hormonal imbalance is the hallmark of PCOS! PCOS is also known to run in families which means the daughter of a female suffering from PCOS is also known to inherit PCOS!!

Various studies have been conducted and have shown that women with PCOS are known to have mental health issues like anxiety, depression, increased suicidal tendency and eating disorder. Such increased mental health problems are related to the exposure to androgens or male hormones, which are secreted in excess in women with PCOS!!

Researchers have also found that testosterone interfered with the activity of the gene in the amygdala component of the brain, it also interferes with the genes that regulate serotonin and GABA, which has an implication on the mental health!!

Thus women with PCOS are known to have mental health disturbances on the higher end when compared to normal women!!

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