Suffer from Sinusitis?

Suffer from Sinusitis?



Suffer from Sinusitis?


Severe headache, running nose, facial pain, nasal congestion – these are a few symptoms of sinusitis.


Most of us suffer from similar symptoms often, especially around the monsoons or winters.


Sinusitis is not a serious condition, however if proper care and timely intervention are not considered, it can turn out to be fatal.


The following are indications to meet a Doctor:


● Severe pain in the face or the upper teeth

● Pain extending from the uppermost part of the nose to the lower eyelid

● Headache not relieving with regular medications

● High degree fever, greater than 101 deg F

● Yellow or green colored thick nasal discharge

● Symptoms lasting for more than 7-10 days



Drink plenty of fluids, steam inhalation during the watchful waiting period; that is the first 5 days of your symptoms; will help in relieving your symptoms.



If not better or if you develop any of the above symptoms, consult Doctor as soon as possible.



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