Tips for Cooking with Less Oil


Health experts advise us to consume less oil, do you know the reason?

Oils are the richest source of fats, they have zero nutritional value. Thus consuming them will just add to empty calories contributing to obesity. They are also not good for our cardiovascular & heart health; they may contribute to high cholesterol.

So, what is the solution? How to control oil? How to use less oil in cooking?

Well, these tips will help you to cook with less oil:-

  1. Choose the right cookware- It is easy to cook without oil using non-stick cooking pans. Replace your normal cooking wares with the non-stick and nontoxic cookware made of stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, or titanium which is safe for our health
  2. Choose the right cooking method- In place of deep frying, choose sauteing or shallow frying. Use more baking, roasting and boiling over frying
  3. Use water to make the gravy, it will lessen the oil
  4. If you are baking, use silicone cookware for the least possible use of oil
  5. Use olive oil for cooking, but always take care not to overheat the oil
  6. Never use reheated oil as harmful trans fats will be produced which are extremely harmful to us
  7. Pre-decide the quantity of oil and strictly follow the limit
  8. Learn and try recipes that naturally use less oil
  9. For salad dressings, make your own dressing using natural herbs and condiments

Even if you are trying for weight loss, follow these tips to achieve your target.

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