Tips on Child Care for Working Parents

Tips on Child Care for Working Parents


Parenting is not an easy task especially if you and your spouse both are employed! It would be a win – win situation to prioritize things – profession, child care, house hold chores.


Work Life or Work Family balance is extremely important and it is therefore necessary to plan and schedule family time for things to work well and provide the required care for your child.


A few tips to help working parents handle work-life balance and child care include:


  • Remain calm as you leave for work – Your child is a keen observer! If you seem panicked as you leave, that leaves your child with unexplained anguish and worries. Being calm keeps you and your child off the stress and worries
  • Stay connected with the caregivers – Caregivers can be anyone who takes care of your child. Call him/her frequently, ask to share pictures at times, enquire about your child’s food and caregiver’s as well.
  • Keep in touch with friends – Spending some time with your close friends or relatives who are in similar situations will help you with new ideas
  • Dedicate office hours to office work – Keeping worries about your child at bay during your office hours, will yield better and efficient work. Thus, you can leave office on time and spend quality time at home
  • Spend quality time with your child –Get yourselves involved in playing games that the child likes. This increases the bond between your child and you, it also helps you in understanding your child’s unexplained and untold needs
  • Use your vacation time effectively – Keep all your laptops, smart phones away and spend time with your child. Listen as much as you can and meet your child’s expectations of love from you
  • Anticipate stress – Keep an alternative at hand’s reach when the caregiver takes an emergency off, so that you don’t have to stress at the last moment
  • Consider a trusted nanny or ayah or maids over day care centers or if possible have a family member who can help you with your child
  • If your workplace permits, choose work from home at least at times when your child is unwell, or needs to be looked after
  • Try to be a part of your child’s dinner, bath and sleep time.
  • Be with your kids when you are at home
  • Split the household chores and all the responsibilities with your partner, so that you spend less time on work and more with your child
  • Plan your day the day before hand!
  • Stop being a perfectionist! – Your child is just a kid; your perfectionism might have a negative impact on them due to your high expectations


Being a lovable parent and a leading professional is not an impossible task. Effective implementation of tips and planning your own schedule helps you in having a happy and healthy life.



Be more than well, be well prepared.





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