Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Most of us if not all would have experienced that weird feeling of nausea, episodes of vomiting while traveling in bus or car!!! This sickness which one encounters at travel time is referred to as Motion sickness!

Motion sickness is caused due to disturbance in the inner ear due to constant travel. Everyone are prone to motion sickness but the severity varies based on the individual’s sensitivity. However, if one has to love and enjoy his traveling then he should be out of this motion sickness! If one is tired of popping oils every time before he travels, here are a few simple tips to overcome the same –

  • Watch what you eat and drink before and during the travel, avoid those stuff which makes you feel unusually full
  • Avoid heavy, spicy and fat rich foods
  • Try to occupy a seat where the symptoms of motion sickness is least like next to window, front seat of the car
  • Do not sit opposite to the travel direction
  • Avoid reading while traveling
  • Fix your gaze out and not on any fixed point
  • Keep a window open if possible for fresh air
  • Stay away from people who have motion sickness, hearing about it or seeing people who are ill can prompt you falling sick
  • Keep the medicines prescribed by your doctor handy if required
  • Rest your head against seat back to keep it still
  • Avoid passive and active smoking
  • Consume light foods
  • Consume ginger in possible form about half an hour prior traveling
  • Know about acupressure points that helps with motion sickness
  • Take slow and deep breaths during the travel

These tips helps you come out of the motion sickness. When these followed on regular basis will help you curb motion sickness completely!! If none of the tips help, then it is better to reach out to the doctor!!

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