Tips to prevent the Fungal Infection


Fungal infections are the most common skin infections globally. A Fungal infection occurs when an invading fungus infects a part of our skin overpowering our immune system. How to prevent the Fungal infection?

Well, here are a few tips to prevent the Fungal infection-

  • Prevent the spread- Avoid contact with a person or animal, which is already infected or even suspected to be infected. This is the best prevention of the Fungal infection.


  • Hygiene is the key- Proper cleaning of body, hands, feet etc helps to clean the invading fungus, it also reduces the risk. So if you suspect an invasion, wash the area thoroughly and keep it dry & clean.


  • Avoid walking barefoot especially in gyms & in public bathing areas. Wear slippers & shoes.


  • Never share clothes- It is better not to share clothes, socks, shoes etc. As you never know who might be infected and pass the infection unintentionally to you.


  • Take care of sanitization at home also- Don’t allow the fungus to grow on old clothes, shoes, damp surfaces etc. Clean your home time to time and follow proper sanitation measures.


  • It is always better to consult a doctor at the first sign of infection to avoid serious complications and preventing the spread.

Even if you caught the infection, take the medication properly and avoid further spread of the Fungal infection.






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