Tooth pick is good or bad for your teeth?



After eating, the food particles often get lodged & trapped between our teeth and gums. To clean these food remnants different methods are used like brushing, using a Toothpick, flossing, gargling with water etc. Do you also use a Toothpick to clean your teeth? Do you know that Toothpick is harmful to your teeth?

Let us know a few quick facts about Toothpicks and understand why Toothpick is bad for your teeth?

  • A Toothpick is made up of wooden or plastic material, it does not affect the teeth but it does harm your gums. The pointed ends may cause abrasion to your gums.


  • Use of Toothpick is accepted as one of the major causes of the gap between teeth, receding of gums is another cause of the same.


  • Regular use of Toothpicks can alter your denture alignment.


  • It may slip and harm your gums & mouth tissues.


  • Accidental swallowing of a broken piece of a Toothpick is a common finding in people who regularly use it. A piece of the wood can break off and get lodged in your gum tissue causing deep injury.


Next time you wish to clean your teeth, just remember that the right method of cleaning as recommended by the dentists is flossing and not Toothpick.









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