What Causes Tooth Decay in Kids?

What Causes Tooth Decay in Kids

It is common for kids to have caries in teeth or cavities in teeth. 

What causes tooth decay in kids?

The actual cause of tooth decay is acid that is formed because of the food. Every time we eat something a white coloured cream like material is deposited on our teeth, this is known as Plaque. This plaque is responsible for teeth damage.

Let us know the conditions causes cavities or tooth decay:

  • Poor oral hygiene – Proper brushing removes the plaque. If brushing is not proper the plaque persists and causes cavities
  • Eating sugary & sticky foods – Each time we eat Sugary food, our teeth are more vulnerable to damage to the next 20 minutes. It is because sugar acids cause rapid damage to the teeth enamel
  • Dry Mouth – Our saliva actually protects our teeth from decay, in case of less salivation the tooth decay occurs rapidly
  • Not getting enough fluoride – Fluoride deficiency weakens the teeth and they are more prone to damage
  • Certain foods – It is common for kids to drink carbonated drinks. They are actually harmful to their teeth. Also, hard ice, packed fruit juices, chocolates, etc cause rapid tooth decay
  • Longer night time feeding to infants – It is a common reason for cavities in even 1-year-old infants

Now that you know the causes, you can prevent dental caries in your kids and promote healthy dental hygiene.

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