What is Digital Health?

What is Digital Health?


Health Trends are changing rapidly and one of the most important and a revolutionary changes is commencement of Digital Health. The term sounds unfamiliar but the components of Digital Health like Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, etc. are getting high recognition.



What is Digital Health – Digital health is the use of information technology or electronic communication tools/services/process to deliver health care services or to facilitate better health



Digital health has already gained momentum in the West whereas it is gaining momentum in our country due to improved internet facilities, easy and affordable access to smart phones and the interest developed by people towards digital platforms



Components of Digital Health –



  • Telecare – Most common and efficiently spreading platform. It includes the use of technology and consulting patients via call i.e., consulting patients over telephone
  • Telehealth –Involves the use of platform created by the authorized personnel to save health related data and using same platform for consulting physicians
  • Teleconsultations – It is the extended version of Telecare wherein patients can reach out to Doctors via video call/chat. It helps the patient to interact with his Family physician and treating physician at a time and hence better overall care
  • Telediagnostics – This platform deals with online scheduling of appointment for blood investigations and access of the reports online
  • Mobile apps – Forms the base for other components
  • Wearable Devices – Helps in management and better follow up



Benefits of Digital Health – Digital health provides wide range of benefits:



  • Reduces the time spent on travelling and waiting in long queues for consulting Physicians
  • Better storage capacities of health information
  • Better and quality time of communication with the Physician
  • Guaranteed security and privacy
  • Increased efficiency to health care
  • Better access to health information
  • Cost effective consultations
  • Consultations with reputed Physicians at the ease of staying at home
  • Consultations at the ease of your convenience
  • Reduces unnecessary appointments
  • Improves patient outcome
  • Personalized care


Digital health has brought about a change in the health care sector. However, only a limited population has taken the step towards it.



Digital Health is key to a Digital India.


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