What to do in Case of Fire?

What to do in Case of Fire

Imagine you are in your office and suddenly there is a fire incidence.

Most of us have never faced any situation like that, but do you know how to deal with such an emergency and how to save yourself in case of fire incidence?

These guidelines will surely help you to be prepared for any Fire emergency:

  • Be an alert citizen and Know your building’s evacuation plan
  • Never panic, you will only worsen the situation
  • Observe keenly to your proximity if there is any window or opening
  • Search for the fire alarm and press it
  • Your first aim should be to reach a safer place
  • If leaving the room is not possible, your aim should be to survive till you get some help
  • Stay low to the floor as Oxygen supply is more near the floor
  • Search for the fire extinguisher. Generally, all office premises have mock Fire drills to teach how to use a Fire-extinguisher
  • Use Fire-extinguisher just to clean the passage for yourself so that you can leave the Fire area safely. Always remember, a used and empty extinguisher must not be kept upright as it shows that it has gas. It may confuse others
  • If you have no reach to fire extinguisher just try to cover yourself with a cloth or at least cover your mouth and nose with a cotton (or any) cloth. A wet cloth is more effective. It will prevent your airway from carbon dioxide
  • Always stay away from electric appliances, switches, boards and lifts
  • If your cloth catches Fire then follow the rule of- STOP DROP & ROLL. Means stop, lie down on the ground and start rolling till the flames stop

Be aware and make your children aware too of these basics of Fire safety.


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