What To Expect As Your Child Turns 2 ? ?

What To Expect As Your Child Turns 2??


It is the real treasure to cherish each and every moment of your child’s life! As he keeps growing he starts to learn a lot of things and there will be a lot of changes in his body! At each moment of life, you will be more apprehended to understand or to expect what is next??!!

Especially if you are a new mom, then you will be curious even more to see your child grow!! There will be no single website left googled to understand what is next in your child!! If you are in the same boat, not knowing what all your child do as he turns 2, here is the overview of what to expect!!

  1. Physical – Physical things which your child would be able to do are –
  • Kick a ball
  • Climbs stairs without support
  • Child runs
  • Throws a ball in one hand
  • Draws a circle and straight line on his own
  1. Sensory – His senses starts working better and he will be able to
  • Enjoys playing with other kids
  • Obeys your commands
  • Build a tower of 4 blocks
  • Identifies shapes and colors
  • Uses one hand more than the other
  1. Language –  Your child starts interacting with your better than before
  • Names picture in books
  • Follows your instructions
  • Repeats the words heard in conversation
  • Enjoys listening to songs and stories
  • Uses grammar while talking

These are a few things which you can expect as your child turns 2! If he is not able to do all, don’t worry delay in development is expected!! If he fails to achieve even after 2.5 years, then reach out to the Pediatrician!!

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