Why Regular Physical Activity is more important than Weight Loss for Heart Health?

Physical activity


The clinical guidelines for heart disease patients currently include the ideal protocol of having a normal weight and being active physically. If you also believe that weight loss is the key to your heart’s health; you must reconsider your facts. As per studies conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, it is the increased physical activity and not weight loss that is beneficial for coronary heart diseases.

Let us understand How Physical activity helps to build our heart health?

  • Exercise lowers the blood pressure- Just like beta blockers medicines, exercise also lowers the blood pressure, both at rest and when exercising.


  • Exercise strengthens heart muscles – During an exercise our heart has to pump more blood to our systems, it means that heart pushes out more blood with each beat this helps to build the functional strength of our heart.


  • A regular exercise ensures that our body tissues (including heart) pull more oxygen efficiently from our blood. It allows our heart to work better even under stress.


  • The Increased physical activity allows a better flow of blood in small blood vessels of our body. It prevents clogging in these arteries which may cause heart attacks.


  • As per clinical researches, an appropriate physical activity multiplies the effect of medicines and gives a better prognosis in patients with heart disease.


  • A regular exercise has a positive effect on increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) and helps in flushing the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).


  • Studies suggest that a regular exercise helps in preventing diseases like diabetes, which are harmful to our heart in long-term.


Even in heart patients, it is now recommended to increase the physical activity irrespective of the weight loss.

Does that mean that Slimming down is necessarily wrong for our heart?

Well, the answer is No. Losing weight has many advantages in any person. But focusing on weight is less important than focusing on physical activity for heart health.


So, if you want to keep up the health of your heart, just increase your physical activity and don’t just focus on weight. Whether you lose weight or not, it is not going to affect the heart health grossly. But more important is to adopt a regular exercise regimen for heart health. So go, get rid of that bathroom scale and just keep on focusing on your exercise routine for a healthy heart.


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