Yoga Benefits during Pregnancy

Yoga Benefits During Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy or Prenatal Yoga is extremely beneficial for the mother as well as for the baby.

Let us know a few benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Breathing – Yoga practice involves patterned breathing. This breathing increase oxygen to our system. It is extremely beneficial for both the mom as well as the baby
  • Mental relief – Hormonal interplay during pregnancy may cause a lot of stress to a pregnant female. Prenatal Yoga reduces the secretion of stress hormones thus preventing stress 
  • Optimal weight gain – It is important to gain weight not more than the required limit. Yoga does the purpose and balances your weight.
  • Prepare for childbirth – Your body needs preparation for childbirth, yoga supports you in this process.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor– Yoga includes working up your pelvic floor muscles. Thus it helps in the process of baby birth and help in a rapid healing
  • Supports your changing body – Yoga helps you to adapt with your changing body, growing belly & shift in the center of gravity
  • Imparts relief to pregnancy -related backache & other issues- Yoga makes your back flexible and soothes the backache.
  • Improves sleep – By calming your mind, Yoga helps you to sleep properly, which is beneficial for you & your baby
  • Postnatal healing – Yoga support your body & muscles to heal properly & rapidly after your baby is born

Though Prenatal Yoga has multiple benefits, one should consult a Yoga therapist before starting Pregnancy Yoga.

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