Your Excessive daytime sleepiness could be Hypersomnia



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We tend to feel sleepy in the daytime too if we skip our night’s sleep. But if you are struggling to stay awake in the day then it might be Hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia may be primary or secondary. Primary Hypersomnia means just the excess fatigue and no other serious disease condition. Secondary Hypersomnia is due to some medical condition including sleep apnoea, kidney diseases, Parkinson’s etc.


Symptoms of Hypersomnia-

  • Low energy
  • Continuous tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • daytime sleepiness
  • Slow or slurred speech
  • Restlessness etc.


Risk factors for Hypersomnia

  • People who are already suffering from thyroid dysfunctions, kidney conditions etc.
  • Obese people tend to suffer from sleep apnoea thus more prone to Hypersomnia.
  • People who drink and smoke a lot are also at a risk of Hypersomnia.


Treatment of Hypersomnia

Treatment depends upon the type and cause of Hypersomnia. Secondary Hypersomnia can be treated after correcting the underlying medical condition. Lifestyle changes are a critical part of treating Hypersomnia. Regular sleep routine, avoiding alcohol and smoking and regular exercise are a few important aspects of Hypersomnia treatment.

When to see a doctor?

If you feel tired all day and it is really hard for you to stay awake in the daytime or even your life is getting hampered because of sleepiness then you must consider consulting a doctor.


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